Ex keeps visiting my dating profile site, does this mean anything?

Ex broke up with me saying he wasn't ready for a relationship and wanted to stay friends over messenger as I basically called him out on it because he was ignoring me and kept making up excuses. I accepted it and was fine with it, we kept in touch, message him every few days and he would respond but I was always the one initiating conversation with him, during the relationship and afterwards, i stopped messaging him , as i thought i shouldn't be the one making the effort all the damn time , over a period of time he didn't contact me at all, i messaged him, saying I can't be friends with him, if he was gonna act like that, cause it hurts me too much , so i unfriended him on facebook, for my own sanity and peace of mind, and said to him when I've healed recovered and over you , ill re add you, signifying we can be friends again. , I sent him two friend requests , on different days as I thought maybe the first one didn't work and then I realised it he didn't accept either of them, it signified to me he didn't want to be friends but the day after i done that he visited my dating profile and he keeps visiting it, this is where we meet, what the hell is going on there?
Oh we meet couple of times in person, the first time I didn't know about as my best friend arranged it and hide it from me. I was always the one making the effort to come and see him as he wouldn't travel to the place I live, as he hates the area and I put him in his place a couple of times as he tried it on with me and said it would be on my own terms.


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  • He probably likes looking at your pictures, or is curious as to what you are posting. I wouldn't feed to much into this, and I definitely would not want to be his friend anymore. He is playing games with you and is wasting your time. Forget this dude. Let's celebrate his departure. =) xoxoxoxoxo

    • yh probably, hahaha. thats what i thought too, trying to play games with me and rile me up. sorry but i don't do games, and yh I defiantly am not gonna be friend's with him anymore, if he gonna act like a douchebag, and i'll will take your advice and drop him like an a-bomb and move on and celebrate his depature. plently more fish in the sea as they say, his loss.

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  • He is trying to make sure you haven't met anyone yet. Guess he still is interested in you in some way.

  • It means he's just curious.

    • thank you for your answer

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