My partner and i have been dating 3,5 years her health is terrible recovering from cancer sever depression and a very poor mental state. a week ago about 10pm i was asleep she was awake suddenly she woke me up screaming abuse saying why are you asleep im going home then she started to go for the door i stopped her as i look after her then she went menatal screamed more grabbed tablets so i had to forcefully remove the tablets from her hand we fell i landed on her she got hurt i got the tablets opend the door and she ran off screaming i hit her i took the tabs as she has OD before , the neighbours phoned the police she got me charged with ABH and False imprisonment!!! 15 hrs later after reading her statement which said the first line i did not hit her please dont charge him i was released no charge nothing now her sister who from day one can't stand me as took her to her house took her phone from her she's 44 so i cannot get in touch etc and treatened to have me arrested if i get in touch yes i love her dearly i know she's on lots prescrition meds too


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  • Leave her. This has gone from bad to worse. You don't need this type of stress. What if she tries to harm you, or kill you? She could be standing over you with a knife or gun. She had you arrested once, and her family is also threatening to have you arrested. Leave her and set yourself free. Plus, you don't want issues like this on your record. I understand her health is declining, but so is yours if you continue to deal with this woman. Stay away.


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  • She is in a very bad place, when I had cancer I would attck my family, I was heavily drugged and didn't know what was going on, almost like a wounded animal.
    It may be best for you to leave her alone, she has to get through this to get better, and maybe right now you arnt good for eachother. I would let her know you will be there for her through this treatment, but maybe you should put the relationship on hold. I know it hurts to think about that, but she needs help that you can't provide. I'm so sorry for both of you, this is some real life stuff to have to go through. Find someone you can talk to about this, sometimes venting to a real person who knows you can be very therapeutic. I wish you both the best in life, and I know in the end it will all work itself out. Life has a funny way of doing that.

    • thank you good reply good advise too

    • When you take a break from a relationship, nothing ever says it has to be forever. Nothing has to be forever...

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  • This would definitely be the straw that broke the camels back for me. I mean , she's not only a danger to herself , but she is to you. You should stay away from her until she gets better.

    When was the last time she saw a doctor?
    Has she been taking her medications regularly? What are the side effects? She needs to revisit her doctor. I would stay away from her until she was.

    She's mentally ill , so don't take this personal. She's doing what a sick person does. She needs help -hugs- you'll get through this , I know it's hard.

    • she visits the doctor every week i totally understand what your saying everyone is telling me to leave her she sleeps all the time has a good 3 hrs a day awake , but puts her sister on top off the world even though her sister does not to her. very difficult but i cannot do anything if i wanted to thanks for your reply

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  • I'm not trying to be mean here dude but in all honesty it sounds like the mean sister has done you a favor here. Let her go and move on

    • i said that to my self many times but love is difficult to let go hopefully time will heal thank you

  • It says you are 42.
    You write like you are 12.
    I can't even follow along with what you are saying.
    Write like an adult, maybe you'll get some helpful answers.


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