Is it a break or a break up?

Okay, this is really complicated so I'll try to explain it as best as I can. My boyfriend (or I guess ex?) has been dealing with sever depression the last couple of weeks. He broke up with me over text one night when he was drink and I went to talk to him the next day because he said he'd probably feel different after he sobered up. Well, he didn't feel different. I obviously didn't want to break up, so I tried talking to him about it and it pretty much lead to us laying in each others arms crying our eyes out and telling each other how much we loved the other until we feel asleep. And when we woke up, we had sex and I thought maybe he had changed his mind because he was so affectionate. Holding me and kissing my forehead all night long. Well, wrong again. He tells me he needs some time to figure himself out before he commits to me, with no distractions and changed his facebook status to "it's complicated." So i told him that even though I was hurt, I would push all my feelings aside and be he's friend and support him through all this. And he told me he loved me and that he's still mine. So I figured maybe this is more of like a break than a break up.

But now I'm hearing he's been talking to this girl we go to school with. I don't necessarily know if it's in a flirty way. I know he asked her to hang out and watch GOT with him this weekend. But, if he doesn't want any "distractions" and "he's still mine." then what's up with this? I'm just so confused. One minute he's holding me and kissing me, telling me how much he loves me, and then next he makes a point to remind me I'm single. Someone give me some insight. Please.
Is it a break or a break up?
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