Can't focus after break up?

Long story short, I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years because she wasn't fair in our relationship. She was toxic, selfish, and didn't really give me much attention.
It has been 2 months, and I still can't stop thinking about her. I replay the break up every day, keep thinking about it, and am angered when I think of her last words to me.
I have a major exam in 2 weeks. I have tried focusing on it, but I can't. I took a practice exam. Every 3 questions I lose focus and start to think about her.

What can I do to get her off my mind? Getting in touch with her isn't an option.


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  • If she was as toxic as you claim then her departure should be a sigh of relief, not grief. You miss the idea of being with her, but not actually her. The idea, and the actuality... don't get the two confused baby. You broke up with her for a reason, do not forget that reason.


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  • I'm not sure if this will work for you, but its worked for me. ... Cry, I know her last words anger you, but I can tell they've also hurt you. Or you can go somewhere in the woods (depending on where you live) and just scream. And i mean scream, let out every bit of anger, break some branches. Then come back in, take a nice warm or hot shower, drink some water, and then get back to studying. Ah, I almost forgot. You can write a really hateful letter to her, channel all your anger in that letter. But DO NOT SEND IT. (why would you, what are you looking for here? War?) I hope this helps you and that you do well on your exams.

  • It's going to take time I've been here before. There's really nothing you can do but try to channel your brain to positive things


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