My ex boyfriend is talking crap about me. What should I do?

Wednesday my boyfriend broke up with me and I was up set. Yeah but who wouldn't be it was about 4 months. Then Thursday I came to school and I heard that he was talking bout me and it made me really upset. Because when we were dating he said he liked the way I look and everything but comes to find out he didn't. Every one says I can do better but I don't thing I can because he was like the only guy that liked me. But I was trying to talk to him about it and he won't talk to me. And my friend that heard him say the stuff said something to him about it and he lied to her. I Don't Know What To Do! I want to slap him but I also want to know why he broke up with me. But he won't talk to me or even look at me! What should I do?

  • Try to talk to him
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  • Forget him and move on
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  • Get friends to ask him y he broke it off
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  • Con-fount him about it and if he lies slap him
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  • tell everyone he has a small penis


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  • If everybody was so adament you could do better sweetheart, maybe he was getting wind of that, or felt that way too. He could have broken up with you simply to save face, and to not be the one getting dumped once you realized you could do better. It's best just to move on and forget him if you can. If you must know for some sort of closure on your end, I wouldn't suggest getting directly involved with such a jerk though, you could be further hurt dear. Have a friend you trust do so for you.

    • Well this isn't the first the this has happen to me and I'm getting tired of it. I have been getting my friends to do it but he keeps telling them to f*** off

  • If you can't really talk to him about the situation then move on.

    Just don't fight him, don't let him discourage you, just stay strong.

    You won't gain any benefits by having a conflict with him, so just

    ignore him.


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