What? Should I accept or deny?

So, there is this virtual game where I go on where my pointless life is. And... my ex made me an account and I got locked out. After 9 months I finally reseted my password. And I got 7 friend request. One was unusual bc it was my ex that removed me as a friend but then re added me? There was no closure between us when we broke up. So I look at it pointlessly if I should accept or deny.


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  • If your ex isn't abusive, and wknt use this as an opportunity to belittle you or talk trash to you than I would accept.
    But if he is going to use this as a way of trying to hurt you verbally, than I would deny.
    You might get some closure if you accept ( only accept if he isn't abusive like I said earlier).
    But you may not get the closure you want or need.

    • Maybe he could be sorry?

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    • That's how you meet the right people

    • Sounds complicated. But, I deleted him thinking I deserve better than this heartache he gave me. Struggling a year to move on and finally getting help. No thank you.

  • You should deny it outright.


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