I messed up with this guy really bad, can I get him back?

So, me and this guy started talking 3 months after I had just gotten out of a 2 year relationship. I was still in so much pain from the break up, however, my ex and I eventually became friends again. So, basically, me and the new guy "talked" for like 2 months but he eventually left me bc I hadn't fully moved on from my ex. Everyone said I basically played the guy, but it wasn't my fault I couldn't move on... I mean come on it was a 2 year eelarionship. He like blocked me on everything and literally ended things last Thursday and apparently moved on already and has no feelings left, we haven't talked in a week. Plus, I dropped being friends with my ex just to be with this guy. I really was starting to like him, and then he leaves me, like yes I understand why he did it, but he has to understand that people can't rush me to move on and everything was just bad timing. Like right when I started moving on from my ex, the guy drops me. Like I didn't want to like meet the guy and then two days later start "talking" like I wanted to get to know him, so the whole first month i was getting to know him and I was friends with my ex, but everyone thought I was leading my ex on. So like, I never see this guy at school, he blocked me on social media, we haven't talked in a week, and his best friend (my good friend too who set us us) said that he doesn't like me anymore... what should I do?


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  • Sounds like the only thing to do is to move on love.. You can't make him have feelings for you. It's a shame, but now you're ready for the next guy that comes along

    • Do you really think this guy moved on in like a week though? Like my ex boyfriend told everyone he moved on and wanted nothing to do with me after I broke up with him and then he came crying back to me and said he never stopped liking me. Like do you think there's a chance when the timings right? I messed up and it's all my fault and I really like this guy and he really liked me

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    • Lol just found out that him and that girl he liked back in Novemeber are dating now... a week after he left m... is he rebounding or what hahaha

    • If he liked her way back then, then it's not really a rebound. I think he just likes her more than you... He really had every right to though, and it's not like you two were official. Just shitty luck for you unfortunately.

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  • Let it go. Give yourself time off from relationships for now. Get to know yourself better, explore yourself. Focus on you... do what makes you happy. Enjoy being single for the moment! Also, when a man tells you he doesn't like you anymore, LISTEN to his a$$, he is being loud and clear. There are way too many men out there for you to be stressed over one.


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