He ignored me for a whole day and I texted him saying evrytime I felt like I was getting closer to him he pushed me away, he replied by saying.. ?

Y would u want to get closer if ur leaving? so i said i wasn't going to act as if the thought of losing him wasn't making me second think this said to him we need to talk about this. He said "yes we" so i suggest he go to my house that night but he said he was with his family and i said you can stop by before heading home? but he never replied/showed up. and i never heard from him for 2 days, so Saturday i decided to go out with a friend. i was drunk i POURED MY HEART OUT in a text. about 30 min after i see him walking right by my table & behind him was a girl, she was walking after him i was so hurt. i texted him cursing and saying that i knew he had seen me. now thinking back it is possible that he didn't since the bar is so dark and they walked by so fast. i don't know if they were on a date or if they were maybe heading to a table with more people but i was so hurt i just cursed him out through text and didn't even mention that i saw him with a girl cuz in my mind he had seen me.. at a round 5 am ne tx me saying "what we had pretty much ended the moment you said u wer leavin, we have different ways of showin feelings and different ways of getting rid of them. I was downtown all night I'm assuming that what u mean by saw u cuz i really didn't see u. u probably saw me with a group of people or just one I don't know.. i was planning on telling u that we should just stop talking in person i really was.. i had a couple of things to say but after ur text i don't think that matters anymore, not that i want to still say them. The only things that is bothering me is not telling you we should have stopped talking the day you told me you were leaving. thats what messed this or us up. take care of urself and i hope u find ur happiness wherever it is u decide to go". its been about a week and I never replied to his text message and sometimes i get urges to do it… i hate how things ended and how i never got to tell him that i wasn't moving after all but only leaving for a few months..


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  • Don't reply. He isn't worth it.

  • seriously he's just a jerk and trying to come of as the nice guy.
    he wasn't planning to tell you anything and you just caught him redhanded... you try to deny it because you like him but I think he's just seeing another girl.
    If the "leaving" part bothered him really he would've told you right away!

    Don't rely anything to him anymore just move on.. you don't want to have such a jerk in your life!
    You deserve someone better.


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