Is it bad to refuse having any thing to do with your girlfriend family?

What I mean by refuse is any effect her dad makes to invite me over during family dinner or have a conversation with me... I simple rejected his offer or refuse to have a conversation with the guy. I know I sound like a ass but a year ago he forced my ex girlfriend to break up with me and treat me like I was less them human like I was dirt all with a smile on his face. See i have forgive her dad for forcing us apart and all the lies. But I haven't forgive the guy for treating me so poorly... I was more honest with the guy then anyone on this earth even my girlfriend. I don't truest the guy and any respected I had for him is all gone and he never once said sorry for the way he treated me. I just have nothing left to say to the guy at all.. so I refuse to deal with him and keep any conversation I have with him short. Is this really a bad thing to do? I don't even speak to any of her brother as will since they threaten to beat me up a year ago. But that's a story for another day.. Am not afraid of her brothers at all I just have no respected for them as will. I pretty much have always been 100% honest with every single person in her family so I guest I just expected the same in return.


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  • wanna know what you're doing right now? Being petty, beyond petty. YES, he forced you and your girlfriend apart the first time. And yes he had his little girl treat you like utter shit for a while. You know why? He's a dad, that's why. He wants whats best for his little girl, so he's probably still acting like an ass on his own in hopes that you can't deal with it, and leave your girlfriend. As for her brothers, they're doing what brothers do when their sister has a gu in her life. All this here is normal. Do you realize that refusing anything to do with her family shows her dad that you can't let that shit in the past go. Not only him but your girlfriend as well (Setting yourself up for failure here. RED FLAG) You're giving him something else to hang over your head and giving her bro's all more of a reason to bash your face in come Thanksgiving. Bottom line, DEAL WITH IT. Go to whatever family event or get together they may be having. If you really love that girl, you would endure all the bs just to be with her. Don't let her dad or anyone keep you two apart. They'll notice and they may approach you correctly. Who knows, her father just might bury the hatchet with you, and try to get along. Cause again, if you love her, you'd do anything to keep her from leaving your side.

    • I have alays treated her with respected.. always nut her family were wrong. And until someone says sorry I won't nothing to do with them on a personal lvl. as for her brothers&dad if not for her I would have kicked every last one of theor asses.

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    • *That's one fucked up daddy, omg 0.0* And at least you said sorry in the long run though, thats good

    • Thank you its life no big deAL for now I guest

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  • There comes a point where you have to let bygones be bygones and let it go. It will be one of the hardest things you to in life , but you have to do it to settle the peace.
    What good would prolonging this do?
    Show forgiveness by not declining his offers , but always be wary of his actions.

  • it can't be that a whole family wants to beat you for no reason? :/ I'm missing information here but have a honest talk with your girl.
    She is the one that matters.
    Tell her how you feel about her family and maybe she can try tell her family to respect you and treat you better.
    On the ither hand her dad is inviting you for dinner so it's probably his way of saying sorry.
    Some guys are too proud or feel leas masculine if they say straight out "sorry".
    You need to leave things from the past behind if you want to move on.
    if you're planning to marry this girl then count on it that you'll have to meet her family more often so just try to get along.

    • Nope their wasn't really a reason. I just tried fighting for my ex last year when they forced us apart. So just showed up to try and speak to her for answer. All I kept hear was she wants nothing to do with you no one forcing anything. yet when I spoke to her online u was hea ring a 100% diffent story.

    • I didn't know what to do at the time. so I would wait a week and try speaking to her family ago about this. and everytime they would say the same thing. No one forcing anything other her yet tried having me locked up after I said I could poof it with voice message and text message. O by the way all this was over a 5 sec phoenix fight I had with my girlfriend.

    • And no only her brother threaten to beat me.

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  • at some point in the relationship you will have to be the bigger man and try to forgive and forget and work to re-build the relationship for the sake of your girlfriend.

  • Not bad but if you want to take things further you must have a good relationship with her family.


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