Is it ok to tell them you miss them?

Is it ok to tell your ex that you miss them? me and my exs breakup came as a shock to me. We were happy and connected on so many different levels. He fell into stress during the month of march and basically secluded himself from me and our freinds. He told me he sucked and was lame when he turned down to hang out when invited out I saw him a handful of times. I never thought about leaving and was there through the tough times knowing things will get better. He then broke up with me last week telling me that I did nothing wrong and it was him. It was the way he was feeling and he wasn't feeling the way he thought he should. He also said that he felt like we were not growing closer which i find to be bs since he closed himself off. Im not sure if it was the stress or what because people had told me this would do that to somoene and cause them to have all these thoughts and emotions. Anyway I miss him dearly and in my heart i feel like we are not done and have a second chance. I know its cliche but i do. Anyway I am going to give it some time to see if he texts me at all but is it ok to text him? Could i just tell him that i miss him no matter what he is feeling towards me? I do want him back but I don't know.
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He texted me late last night and wanted to see how I was. What could it mean since he initiated. I know it could also mean he wants to know. I didn't respond yet
Is it ok to tell them you miss them?
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