Can I get some insight?

My ex just broke up with me. We were living together for about 8 months. He said I should clean the house more. Does cleaning keep a man? I just graduated with my bachelors degree and I was working part time. He would give me back rubs but I would fall asleep or tell him I would give him one the next day. When the next day came I would back out because I would be so tired. I'll admit I liked the back rubs, but I would feel too tired to give him one right away. He gave me about 7 back rubs in 2 or 3 months then I finally gave him his. I guess he felt like I was taking him for granted. I was the one to give a back rub first in the relationship. I did it because I was trying to do something nice for him. I didn't think it was going to become a requirement for him. Did I do something wrong? Are constant back rubs and a clean house required to keep a man?
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Sorry meant to say 5 not 7
Can I get some insight?
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