Ex from 4 years ago texts me out of the blue after 8 since last text message?

Title says it all. I loved her! First girl i ever loved, but she cheated on me with her ex. It hurt me so bad that i moved 200 miles away to get away from her. 4 years later and i feel better. We started talking to each other last year for about a month. But she only talked to me when she needed something from me. I got fed up and stopped texting her. I dont know if she's still with her boyfriend (the ex she left me for). She never admitted to cheating, but i caught her in the act and she doesn't know that. Part of me hates her for hurting me... but if she ever admitted and apologized... i might take her back. I know... sad... but I don't know what to do. Im 24 year old and no girlfriend. I want to wish that i will find the one, but im getting super lonely. Fml.

So here is the text message i received from her 2 days ago, which is the first time I've heard from her in 8 months. What does this mean? Someone interpret please. Gary is a mutual friend of ours by the way.

Hey Marcus,
I hope you are doing well. This evening I ran into Gary while having dinner. I am guessing he doesn't know we don't speak as we used to, but he asked me to tell you (whenever I spoke to you) that you owed him a visit. He told me you were here a couple of days ago and texted him that you were here but leaving as you were driving by his place.
Just wanted to let you know.


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  • no no no no no no no, please look after yourself, she just sounds toxic to me, a girl who probably hasn't changed one bit. and you should have told her you caught her cheating, and maybe you should tell her now that you did all those years ago and how hurt you were, that would at least give her the opportunity, but then be polite and say goodbye and move on. please.

    • I know. But she's was the first girl that gave me the attention I wanted. I was there when her ex (now current bf) treated her like shit! But she somehow ended back with him. I fucking hate him. He's a nobody and low life scum that brain washed her.

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  • She's just using that as an excuse to get you talking to her again. I doubt anything good can come of reconnecting with her.

  • No don't do it!

  • Don't talk to her. I wouldn't talk to her, you'll just get hurt again. I know from the experience of dating a cheater.


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