Was I right to break up with him?

I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months because I felt like he never put in any effort to see me or even talk to me. He was always to 'busy' for me. He would message me once a day and wouldn't reply to me. And we would hang out only twice or 3 times a month even though we live so close to one another. But now that I broke up with him, he is having a mental breakdown. He is telling all my friends and family that he can't be without me and that he was good to me and he tried so hard to do all he could for us. I am so confused though cause I didn't see any effort. He never replied to me and we barely spent any time together. Maybe he was trying to organize ways to spend time with me but I didn't see. I don't know. Someone help please.
Was I right to break up with him?
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