What does it mean when your girlfriend continues to get free things from a guy and then tells you about it even though you have asked her not to?

I have asked her not to tell me because I know I am very jealous and I will lose my temper. We have fought about this before (same guy and he openly flirts with her) and she tells me she can't help how others treat her and she doesn't flirt back. Long story short, I hadn't heard from her all day so I texted her to see how her day was going. She tells me she has had a very busy day and then tells me she got another free thing from this guy. I exploded and told her a guy doesn't continue to flirt or give free things unless he feels like she likes him. We broke up and I am wondering if I am a insecure jealous jerk?


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  • It's normal to get jealous I mean it's your girl or was.
    She doesn't understand that guys never really give things for free just like that.
    I think it would have been better to tell her to not accept anything from this guy and that she shouldn't see him if she cared about you.
    Breaking up was an extreme thing to do unless she was cheating on you.
    how was her reaction after breaking up with you? did she feel sad? did she tried to explain things to you? If not and she was "oh ok bye !" then you can assume she liked this guy a bit more than just friends.

    • She did not feel bad and told me to basicly move on and she was done. How do you not know if a guy, who doesn't know you, gives you free things is into you. I believe if you accept these things you are encouraging his behavior and like the attention. Especially if we fought about this before and I asked her not tell me about it. I hadn't talk to her all day and this is the first thing she says to me. I think she was looking for a reason to breakup. I am seaking help for my jealousy issues. What do u think?

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    • you're welcome :)

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  • I think you were being paranoid and insecure, but it's understandable. I get why you'd feel jealous and protective, but you can;t be too possessive of a girl friend-you aren't her whole life, and she's allowed male friends!
    I buy stuff for friends who are girls, but that doesn't mean I like them as more than friends, I just care bout them, and sometimes it's a nice thing to do

    • This guy is not a friend of hers! I get it if him and her were friends. She just shops there that's it.

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    • Try and discuss it with her and explain why it upsets you; maybe she could talk to the guy and clarify that's she's not interested, and hopefully he'll stop then. Just do your best to stay calm/not lose you're temper, I'm sure it'll be fine

  • It means she doesn't respect you.


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