I just had a dream where my ex girlfriend died?

So last night I had a dream about my ex girlfriend that died, in my dream we were having a conversation and we were laughing and having a good time. Next thing She tells me that she's dying and goes to lay in the bed and just collapses. My parents arrive only for me to go straight to them saying that my ex has died and is lying in the bed but with a devastated voice. After that I woke up and it's been on my mind ever since and I'm usually the type that forgets his dreams most of the time. I don't really know what this means but it hit me hard because this is someone that I still love and care for deeply.


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  • It means that you still think about her, most of the time we dream about what bothers/influences us during the day.

    • I do think about her a lot because I really love her. I know there is probably little chance of us getting back together and because I love her and my life hasn't been the same since we broke up.

    • I hope you get together and wish you luck but if she is already telling you she misses you, maybe you should ask her out and talk things through.

    • I do hope so honestly, I still love her and who knows maybe she misses me too. I have been wanting to do so but I don't know if she'll be Ok with it.

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  • Dream interpretation time ~

    I think what your dream is telling you is that you and your ex whatever you have, friendship or whatever is going to die off and communication with each other will cease. You telling your friend what happen suggests that in the long distant future, looking back you'll be telling your friend (s) how you don't talk as much anymore (ex girlfriend dying).

    • Well we do keep in contact but we don't talk as often as I want us to. Recently I would get a message from her at least once a week but I haven't kept in contact with her.

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  • Are you single now?

    • Yes I'm still single but me and her have kept in contact, there are times that she says that she really misses me and that maybe there is a chance we might get back together which gives me a little bit of hope that we might give it another chance.

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    • I really want to honestly but it seems like she does not want to get back together, I have tried when we recently broke up I tried to get back with her, made her letters, wanted to talk to her via text and even tried to have a meet up so we could talk but she basically told me not to keep in contact with her. She's the one who would contact me saying that she does miss me and that she misses everything about us. She recently messaged me saying that the reason I don't want to talk to her is because I've probably been talking to girls and kinda had a sad face emoji kinda makes me think if she really wants to try and get back together.

    • Maybe was too soon... but now can be dfferent... do it. Be a romantic gentleman.

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