She said we should cut contact and experiment life without each other and see if later we are meant to be. what does it mean exactly (read) ?

my ex dumped me a little over 7 months ago, in between when have talked a little (she moved to another city), after lots of drama, pain and random arguments between us she apologized and showed interest in me again, hinting me that wants to get back with me. We were taking things slow, talking everyday and even treating each other as boyfriend and girlfriend would (saying "babe, my love" etc etc). We argued because I got jealous because of things she did (went to have dinner with a friend and i didn't know about it, smoked weed, drank and danced at a party) .. which are reasonable things to get me jealous i think, I told her that It doesn't seem like a girlfriend material to me someone that every time that goes out has to be drunk because that exposes her to something and that makes me uncomfortable, I was hoping we could come to an agreement and later i apologized because maybe i had exceeded myself a little bit when telling her the "not girlfriend material" thing.

She used to talk to me about how she wanted us to get married, and a life with me and living together and kids and all that, which since im in love with her still made me feel good and gave me hope, but since the last argument she backed away a little, and after i apologized she just replied that she doesn't want to do things with me, that i messed it up and Im the same that she left and she doesn't want anything to do with someone like me, that she is tired and we need to split, no contact and if later in life we end up together then we are meant to be, that we should wait until we are in the same city and see how things would work out, also told me that she is sure she is not in love with me, but in love with the memories but i showed her the reality.

I thought she really wanted to make things work as i did, a little misunderstanding like that shouldn't be a reason to quit, i told her that and that its not fair, but she proceeded to cut contact with me, i deleted her from social media and im trying to move on. what you think?


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  • she basically wants to go out and be a hoe but had no excuse to leave you until now. dont try to fix things with this chick she's bad news and definitely the type to cheat on you and divorce you. i guarentee she's gonna try to hit you up in a few months after she realized she fucked up.

    • Yeah, in a month i will move near her (kind of) so maybe she gonna hit me up. And i think thats what she wants, to go on a cock corousel and then come at me with the "i was wrong" bullshit

    • thats exactly what she's going to do. dont get with her this kind of chick gets on the carousel more than once and the next time is usually after you're married

    • Yeah... Maybe she does... Or she is really out for good, maybe she won't if she finds a better dick

  • I think you should move forward. Don't live in the ashes of a burned down palace.


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