To or to not call out a total fuckboy player?

A guy ghosted me, but he did this many times. Long story short we dated then moved to friends with benefits because "maybe in a few months..." "im busy right now..." "you're just to young for me..." "i'm under a ton of stress..."
on top of that he always lied to me and he was extremely sketchy and fishy (but single according to his FB)
So, should I take my chance to call out a fuckboy or no?
The only thing i'll be sad about is not getting his D anymore, but if he's going ghost whats the point? I probably won't get it again.


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  • "You're just too young for me" is when you should have known that it's done. It's over. Even "maybe in a few months", because what guy in a friends with benefits relationship is going to wait a few months voluntarily for pussy?

    • he said "maybe in a few months" to dating me, but he always just ignores and unadds me out of nowhere sometimes. On a note of being friends with benefits he doesn't want to meet up with me ever, I even offer car sex and he's not up for it.

    • He don't want shit. He just likes you fiending for him. Yeah call that dude out. 📣

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  • Do not Push any Buttons here, dear, to Press any "D" for Ding Dongs with this Sly Guy... He is using You and every Lam Duck Dick Excuses under the Fun Sun in Not Wanting You nor a Real Relationship.
    Move on, Forget this 'Fboy,' he is not worth the air you "B"... Breathe.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Whats the point. Karma will find him. Better him than you. Id let him rot with his mistakes. Retaliating would just mean he's rubbing off on you.

  • He's a total fuck boy, but personally I wouldn't call him out. He doesn't care, if he did then he would of stuck around. But at this point I feel like it would just be a desperate cry for attention, because obviously you still wanna be with him, and you think by doing this you'll get some sort of attention from him. Defiantly not the kind you want, but hey, if you feel like it'll make a difference then go for it.


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