Ex boyfriend initiated contact first after breakup?

We broke up officially last week. We have not talked since our last goodbye. Last night he texted me "hey I wanted to see how your doing" I did not text back right away and text back today. He texted me late last night. What could him initiating the text first asking how I am mean? I am not trying to read to much into it and trying not to get my hopes up. I want a second chance with him because things were really good between us before he fell into stress. Why would he text me out of the blue? Could there be a second chance maybe?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He's only keeping contact with you so he can have a backup up plan when he can't find someone else to fuck


What Girls Said 2

  • Sometimes curiosity can creep up. Sometimes it's because they really want to see how you are doing (remember that just cause you break up with someone doesn't mean you don't care about them ) or he could have hopes of maybe coming back. I say try to be friendly with him. Don't be too nice but don't be too unavailable and distant either.

    • I waited to text him back. I texted him back yesterday and so far he has not responded or read the text. Like you said I don't know if he's being friendly or really misses me but I hope he misses me lol and possibly wants me again.

  • I think he just wants to keep you as backup because he can't find someone else. He's just trying to keep you around in case the next person breaks up with him. I would say keep moving.


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