Why does he still talk to me?

About a month ago, my relationship with this guy ended, and I ended up hurting a lot from it. It still hurts a little now, but I could say that I'm moving on now.

After the break up, I decided that I was going to ignore him, and hopefully my heart would move on. It was working well for a week and a half. Then out of no where he started talking to me again. Every conversation we had was always initiated by him. I thought this was weird because if I was in his place, I wouldn't want to talk to me.

so here's the weird thing... He keeps bringing up the past, talking about all our good times. He also tells me he misses me. Also sending me random lyrics from songs such as whataya want from me by Adam Lambert, isn't really help my situation right now as well.

He also gets mad when I ignore him or don't say bye to him.

I just don't get it. It's not like our relationship lasted a long time. He was also the one that broke my heart, I wasn't the one that ended it. He still hasn't really given me any closure at all. In a time that I'm trying to move on, he's still here in my life turning everything upside down. I try my best to ignore him, and I really don't want to bring my hopes up, just to be let down again. So tell me, ladies and gents, what does he want with me?


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  • Just my thoughts. He might have been interested in another women and things fell through for him and now he's trying to woo you back into his life.


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