Why did he promise to talk and after I haven't heard from him since. Why could've went wrong?

I've was dating this guy for three months. I sent him a text about how i was feeling distant and that we should have more communication if were not able to spend time. And i know he's busy working two jobs but if he wanted he could spend the night at my place so we can spend some time together. He txted me back the next day saying i know im sorry your right we will talk i promise. That was a Tuesday and i haven't heard back since. I normally don't go this long without hearing from him. So im assuming that it's over and probably been for awhile. Am i over thinking? Or am i completely right? By the way he liked to spend a lot of time together when he worked one job. He seem really nice and down to earth we got along really good. So everthing seemed fine.


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  • I would try t to text him again. If he doesn't respond, then you might be right. I dont believe you're over thinking it. Just be prepared for the situation to go either way. Who knows something could legitimately be hindering things.

    • Tday makes 6days. I have been trying to contact him.

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    • I'm very sorry I'm not sure what to tell you

    • Thank you for the help. But there is no other reason. I just wanted to make sure i was thinking the right thing

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  • I was just recently in a VERY similar situation. We hung out a lot when he was working this one job then he started working another with really early hours and he disappeared. We really would not have had time at all but I was still willing to try! But this guy really did just completely disappear on me, I tried texting and no response. I asked about this here and so many people responded by saying that guys will easily put girls on the back burner when they are really busy or going through major changes. Maybe they will come back when they get used to their new schedules. So I don't know, mine has gone weeks with no contact and I don't expect to hear from him. You could try one more text to make sure, that is what I did, and then I was sure that we were not hanging out anymore and I could start accepting that. Unfortunately with you and I, we weren't dating long, so it is bad timing since we weren't able to establish anything strong before it happened that may have kept him around.

    • So you heard back from him after weeks? Are you still talking to him?

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    • No problem. It was hard to deal with and kept wondering why and what did I do? But after much contemplating, I did nothing wrong and neither did you. The further out I get from it all the more I realize that. At least a week has already gone by so you already have some time getting used to not hearing from him and realizing it might be over. So, you already got some getting over it time under your belt. I say do what I did, one last text so you know if he does not respond that it is it and you can begin accepting it. It sucks when they ghost, makes you feel disposable and disrespected, but at least you know it was his schedule and not you that caused it. Do NOT blame yourself. You will be okay just give it a couple weeks. And if anger helps use that, because only immature cowards don't have the decency to tell you they don't want to see you anymore.

    • Thank you. I will take your advice.

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