Let her know that I still love her?


6 months ago my ex girlfriend broke up with me and it caused me a lot of pain.
I didn't saw her for 6 months, there was short contact on facebook, but last week i saw her in a bar. She was friendly (she smiled and said hello to me) but didn't said much. I felt a deep desire to talk to her more but because she didn't asked me anything i walked away and talked to another girl that i know. I smiled but inside i was dying
I have still feelings for my my ex. Shall i just tell her that i am still deeply in love with her on FB or is that not a good idea?

Ps. Iam not native English.


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  • I think you need to let her go.. She was friendly to you but does not mean she wants to get back together with you. I am afraid that if you try and tell her that you still love her she'll reject you and cause you more pain.


Most Helpful Guy

  • sorry, but don't ask love from someone doesn't know your value... it's like trying to catch the water with your own hands.
    who loves you will know your value from day one.

    don't make little things prevent you from living in big things.

    Good luck...


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  • if you are going to tell her do it in person over a drink that is more respectful than a message on facebook

  • You should tell her either on the phone or if you see her in person that would be much better.


What Guys Said 2

  • No, you shouldn't tell her, its not a good idea. You said she hurt you and caused you lot of pain, then why do you still want to tell her how you feel?

  • well NO in any language is still NO.
    leave her alone hon... if you see her again... be friendly too...
    and your English is really good...

    • i was friendly though, i was only confusing.
      she lives to far

    • keep being friendly ONLY...
      and you are welcome.

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