Why would he tell me this 😢?

My ex has been texting me frequently, and we are friends but why would he tell me about his date. He told me he went on a double date to help a friend. He said they all had dinner and a movie, then went back to his friends for drinks. The woman wanted him to go into the room with her, he said she was in her bra and panties and said she just wanted sex he said he told her no, then left. He said they went out for coffee the next day she apologized and they talked and he said they have a lot in common. I told him that that is why I didn't want to be friends because it makes me feel too uncomfortable hearing about his dates and that I don't want to get hurt. He quickly texts me that it wasn't a date just a misunderstanding, and that he wasn't looking for anything more. He broke up with me over a year ago and from the beginning I never wanted to be friends because I knew it would hurt if he dates and tells me about it.

why would he go into detail about his date?
Why would he tell me this 😢?
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