Why The Attitude Now?

My ex decided to end things with me just about 2 months ago and as heartbroken as i was when I he told me he didn't want to continue with the relationship, I decided right then and there that I was going to pick myself up and move on. I know I deserve to be with someone who knows what he wants and that they want to be with me. We were living together and I within a week I had found a new place to live. I also started NC as much as you can when you live with someone and was moved out completely within a month. In that month we were still living together he was the amazing, kind guy I fell in love with a year and a half ago. He respected my space when I needed it and if we happened to be home together, we would talk like we always did. He kept saying he wanted us to truly be friends bc he cared about me deeply. I took it with a grain of salt and also made him know that I may not be able to bc I just don't know if I'll ever be okay seeing him with someone else. I told him I just wanted him to be happy even if I'm not part of it.

Now, it's about a month later and I'm doing quite well and my ex keeps reaching out. For awhile I kept NC and he still kept texting. The last couple times I've responded, keeping it light and just surface level. It starts out nice and then for some reason he starts getting inappropriate and talking about hooking up with me and about our sex life. I don't respond and he gets pissy. I gave him 2 more chances when he's reached out and same thing. I finally responded and told him I will not be friends with benefits. If he continues speaking to me this way he can kiss the friendship he wants goodbye. And I asked him wtf is going on in his head/heart that would make him talk to me this way? (Btw he's never talked to me this way before). He said "just forget I even texted you." I was like okay bbbyyyeeee.

Im just curious as to this 180 attitude change? I mean he didn't want me, so I said okay and walked away. Why's he being a 5 year old?


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  • Only he would know the answer!

    • Blahhhh that's what drives me nuts... haha

  • Maybe he wants the sex without the obligation?

    • Well... I mean I could see that if I kept sleeping with him while we were living together but I shut that shit down immediately and told him right away that we are going to be friends with benefits and he can go find some other chick for that...

    • Yeah, but that doesn't mean he will stop trying.

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