Was she really into me? Or she was just playing?

here is the story:

In my English class I met this Colombian girl. She was really pretty. After first week I noticed that when I was walking into the classroom she was stretching like her arms wide open no big deal right ? it won't be but she had huge boobs and when she was stretching she was looking into my eyes and talking to me like she wanted to see if I'm staring at her boobs...

Then after few weeks we became friends. She was sitting next to me during lab class. She was all over me. So I was like I'm gonna ask her out. Right after class when we talked in the cafeteria she says oh my ex is trying to talk me.. I don't know if I should talk to him... I just got out of long 2 year relationship. Right after that I just stopped talking to her because I thought that she was still into her ex.

Then all of the sudden after few weeks she sent me a message saying that she's missing me in her new English class.

So now I don't know what to think about her. I kind of like her I would say a lot... she's fun and hot but she's bartender so she can have lots of boys and she can just play with me... sh*t I'm confused with that girl help...


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  • It seems like she could be interested in you. But she`s still into her ex, and that usually doesn`t end well... So i`d say , just try to be her friend maybe get a little closer see how things go , and after a while just go for it. Ask her out see if she likes you. If she says no than no biggy , you guys can just be friends and sh*t, if she says yes. than well you gots yourself a hot girlfriend . ( =


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  • well to me it sounds lik she might lik you because she took the time to tell you that she missed you and if she could get any guy she wants but still seems lik she is interested in you but maybe she just shouldn't be in a realtionship right now if she just got out of a two year relationship. I think you should just wait it out and talk to her about how you feel and ask how she feels

  • she's colombian. enough said. these girls are players and they're fast.

    don't bother. plus her ex is in the picture...that's bad news.


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  • Cant really judge her based on her race. I was in the same situation actually - she was a bartender and her ex would still talk to her and I thought there was no way she would be interested in me. But she was early on, and I didn't show enough interest and eventually she moved on. We went out for coffee 3 times and she even went out on a date with me even though id wait 2 months before phone calls...

    If she supposedly misses you so much, maybe ask if she wants to get together for coffee and then take it from there to see if she'd like to go out with you for dinner. From this you should be able to tell if she is into you or not


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