Is he into me as a girlfriend? Help please!

okay I really need big help ! so I like my ex again and he came over today we just chilled then he know I still like my other ex and he still likes his other ex but we like each other too , then when he was about to leave I just gave him a hug then he said is that it ? I said yeah then he kissed me then end up making out . did kiss mean anything ? doe she really like ? I don't know , how do yu think about this situation ?


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  • Let me explain this to you.

    It says you're under 18 years of age.

    You both "still like" your "other ex's" as well as "each other still"

    You just want to feel loved, or long for something or someone.

    I've been in these situations plenty of times.

    It doesn't mean anything other than, that you were accessible at that point in time and he took the opportunity to get some. If you two still "like" each other then get back together and see how that goes. I guarantee it won't end well.

  • If he made out with you, I think that means he still has some feelings for you. However, he may not feel ready to acknowledge those feelings, or get back together with you just yet.


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