Would you cheat your husband?

My mother cheated my father 9 years ago. They divorced and I must have stayed with my mother for 6 years and moved on for college. I'm happy, because I don't have to see my mother's face and remember her unfaithfulness every time. I hate her in my inside. She cheated the guy who made me by half. Also, he paid all the bills even they were divorced. I love my father.

My question is direct would you cheat your husband like her?
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  • No, I have a high self respect, it is impossible.
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  • If he cheated on me first than yeah I would just to spite him before serving him divorce papers.


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  • No, never! I can't understand that and I don't want to. If you don't like your husband/wife anymore just divorce don't cheat him/her. Peoples have really big issues about loyalty.

    • Angels can't cheat dude)

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