He left me, then 5 days later gets a girlfriend... what is going on?

So, I was talking to this guy for about 2 months. The first month was pretty hectic though. Whenever I met this guy, it was only 3 months after I got out of ab2 year relationship, so I was still pretty sad. When I started talking to this guy, I did start liking him a little, however, my ex came back in the picture. I wasn't expecting this since my ex was mean to me, but apparently he missed me and studd. So I was stuck with my ex (who I still had strong feelings for) or this new guy (who I was kinda starting to like but it was just bad timing for me) so, long story short my ex got in the way and the new guy felt like he was being played, which wasn't my intention it was just reallllly bad and awkward timing. Me and this new guy made some pretty great memeories too. Then, all of a sudden the guys "ex" (she wasn't even his true ex, they talked for a month 3 months before and she was grossed out by him and friendzoned him hard) came back and apologized to the guy. I got so upset and we got in our first fight. Long story short again, I stopped being friends with me ex to be a "thing" with this guy. Apparently he didn't drop his "ex" bc they were still friends. The guy dropped me bc he said he was hurt at the fact that I played him, and that I got all angry at him and then he left me. I got him back again, we hooked up, he told me he wasn't leading me on and then a week later leaves me again. Literally 5 days later he starts dating his "ex" who was grossed out by him just months before I came in the picture. Him and his best friend (my ex-friend) have purposely tried to make me feel bad for hurting the guy and on Twitter the guy I was talking to basically said he hated me. I don't know what I did wrong, I apologized for everything after the fight, and I dropped my ex, and this guy and I both really really liked each other. Is he rebounding to make me jealous or hide the pain? And what should I do? he told my best friend that he never cared about his ex, & only about me


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  • You had a bunch of chaos in your life. Guys don't like chaos.

    Don't try to date until you are actually READY to date, and have made clean breaks from your ex's. The minute you bring an ex back into the picture, most guys are going to dump you, because they can't trust you not to dump them to go back to your ex.

    Clean up your own house before bringing someone new into it. It's that simple.

    • But the thing is, when I first met the guy... I wasn't even sure if I liked him right off the bat and he like was already really into me. Like I'm not gonna meet this guy one day and the next day be like "well, let's start dating!" Like that's kinda how he saw it, and I just wanted to be friends at first to see if like we were even compatible, but he was rushing it so that's why it was so chaotic. Once I finally let my ex go, and apologized for everything, he literally leaves me for the girl who friendzoned him hard back in Novemebrr, like she literally didn't even like him until he was talking to me. So... I just don't know what I did wrong.

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    • "But even then everyone keeps telling me it's not my fault considering that it was still only 3 months after the breakup and it was bad timing and it honestly wasn't anyone's fault."

      Those people are either lying to make you feel better or are just outright wrong. It WAS someone's fault: yours.

      I'm not trying to bash you, just being honest. You blew it. Okay, so don't make the same mistake again. It sucks that you had to pay a high price for your mistake, but relationships can be that way. Learn from it and do better in the future. That's all I'm saying.

    • Thank you for being so honest, it really does help. It sucks knowing that I messed up and that he's with another girl so quickly. I've just never had to deal with relationship stuff since I was with the same guy from age 15-17, so I basically spent most of my teenage years with this one guy and never had any experience ruining things. I wish the guy I was talking to didn't hate me and block me on everything. But, it is what it is.

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  • i read the first sentence. he didn't like you. the rest of that context is irrelevant


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  • Well, if a guy can move on so fast, that means he never truly considered you as his girlfriend, he was never serious with you, never serious about the relationship you had with him.

  • If the new did to you what you did to him, will you have liked it, we're you upfront with him front the beginning


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