How to get over someone who used you?

I am struggling to get over this girl, a coworker.

I started falling for her, and I really thought she liked me back, the flirting, signs, always happy to see me...

I asked her out and she rejected me, and I found out she had a boyfriend.

I look back now, and I just feel like an idiot. All the signs I missed, and the stuff I said and did for her...

I feel extremely used, rejected, and heartbroken... I realized she was just using myself for attention, to make her boyfriend jealous and to boost her confidence... She didn't like me at all... This has ruined my self confidence, respect, I just feel worthless and she is so much better than me.

It's been one year, and I still have some sort of feelings towards her. I think this is because I still see her in person almost everyday.

I try to limit contact as much as possible, but it's hard when I am stuck at this job.

It's also hard as I can't seem to find a girl to date, which is not helping... It's a rolling ball of rejection...

I just don't know what to do about this girl, how to get over her and how to make myself feel better... I feel worse because it's been a year and I still am thinking about her... She is still on my mind, I feel pathetic.
How to get over someone who used you?
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