Have you and any of your exes gotten back together?

Pls help! My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and I am so devastated. I wanted to return something but he's like I don't want to give you hope. But I don't know if he's saying that because he's figuring stuff out as its only been a day. Our break up was friendly, he said he will keep praying for me. We had an honest relationship, never cheated on each other. It seemed like a quick decision that he didn't think through. He said it doesn't feel right
should I give him space? He's broken up with me before but contacted me 3 days later. I have a gut feeling he's going to come back but I'm scared he won't. Advice pls?


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  • No I have never gotten back with an EX.
    As for you EX since he keeps doing this it seems he isn't serious about the relationship. If he keeps braking up how is the relationship to ever get real serious


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