Does the no contact rule work after a break up?

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because of little fights, and he said this relationship doesn't feel right and he can't continue. We ended it on a friendly note, he took some stuff I bought him the day before and said he will pray for me. It's only been a day, but I called him twice yesterday and sent him a text of conclusion, how I accepted the break up and take care. It hurt me a lot but now I don't know if I should keep trying or don't contact until he reaches out. Advice please!! What works?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Both of you have broken up now, so you should be concentrating on leading your life and you shouldn't be in contact with your ex, it's never a good idea.

    Yes, no contact rule will work if you are serious in following that way.

    • Thanks for your comment! :) have u or anyone u know tried no contact and did it work?

  • No it does not work. At all.

    • So I keep pestering him?

    • Don't pester, but don't be silent. Just give him reminders of your existence every now and then like texting asking how he is.

What Girls Said 1

  • No contact rule works, by the third week you should be fine. If he loves n misses you he would reach out

    • Thanks for the hope! Have u had any experience like this before? What happened? thanks for sharing
      Or share stories of people u know maybe?

    • Yes l dated a sociopath in 2013, he was so charming I fell head over heels then he just suddenly dumped me. I was devastated, when l called he would answer l will feel great but he will never return my calls, even though he gassed me up during conversation, giving me hope. When l stopped calling him, l got more involved with my life, of course I grieved but it help me move on. I had time to think and be me, it also showed me what I will and will not want in the next relationship. My current ex contacts me after he went MIA cause he said he needed to clear his head about some problems we were having in the relationship before moving forward. I decided l was not gonna contact him, n he did so in ten days. No contact shows you who cares and who doesn't. It also helps you see what a man values most in the relationship, my current ex valued sex, hence the came back.

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