Work with my asshole of an ex boyfriend, how do you handle this situation?

I avoid him.
he seems to be ok with going near me or in my area as if nothing happened.
a lot of things he said didn't sit well with me. he said he'd never learn how to drive because he had 'anxiety' but said his genes were worth more than mine and broke up by text.
this asshat said also he didn't want to meet my family and thinks he can make fun of my looks as well after using me.

I think he's a creep and I have told him to fuck off.
he just walks by or looks at me and it makes me feel quite odd.
he still seems nervous at times around me but generally I hate his face.

I have a new boyfriend and I've moved in with my boyfriend.

it's a difficult situation to work with an ex but how do you deal? I have avoided this guy at all costs and I erased all his pics, and getting rid of his gifts etc.


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  • I don't know what happened with you guys... but you've to accept that you became a new person with new feelings.
    I know his presence around you might make you feel confused, but If you hated him.. you'll give him the power to control your life.
    look at the positive side, you've job+new boyfriend.
    just forgive to heal and forget to live.

    victory is about how to control yourself... not comply to your negative side.

    Good luck...


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  • I still have too see my ex regularly because of my daughter, & he too is an
    Honestly, the best thing you can do is be indifferernt. He's in your life, but so what? He's nothing else to you. Don't let him get to you. He only has as big an effect on your life as you let him.
    Talk to him about work if you need to, but nothing more, if he tries to start something, walk away. If he stares at you, ignore him.

    How is is jus the way he is, you can't do anything about that, you can only do something about react to it. Rise to it and you'll only encourage him. Don't give a fuck and he'll be the message. The longer you fake nor caring, the more of a reality it will become.

    • Sorry about all the mistakes in this. I'm on the train and accidentally hit send before proof reading! My IPad hates me 😳

      I meant to write *to* see, not "too", I also meant to write "He too is an absolute moron" ... There needs to be an edit button 😔

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  • You just have to live with it. Ignore him that's all

  • Quit!


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