My boyfriend is so stingy. Should I break up with hin? Because this is what I did?

My boyfriend is so stingy with me. For everytime we go out on a date I pay the bill and he is like oh! Next time I invite you and me who will pay.
And when he asks me out the next time me who pay as usual even though he has money he said no I am broke.
Last time we went out. Him who paid and it was like he bought that meal for his little sist and bro. We ate nothing and he said oh I feel replete if you are also lets give this to a little boy. I said no lets have it for our selves plus we ate nothing yet. He said: okey take it with you home if you want. I refused and he put it in his bag and said owh my little sist we will be so glad because I brought her this.
He made me so angry it is the first time he pays for me something and it wasn't for me but for his beloved siblings. Then I immediately took a taxi and left without explaining to him a single reason. I sent him break up on a message and when he tried to talk to me face to face I repeated it Break Up with yelling. And he thought I am in that bad mood because of my period and he is still pleasing me to back to him.


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  • lmao who could blame him. I'd rather keep my money on my pocket if she agrees to pay, but still i won't go on date if i don't have money at all. I remember when she asked me out and i told her "I would really like to come with you but my pocket doesn't, she offered to pay i told her i don't know i will let you know. By the time we planned to go on date, i already got some money from friends and paid for myself.

  • Some women are so fucking childish with this kind of bullshit, if I was him I would have let you walk away from it and find myself someone else

  • Lol well if you guys can't communicate and understand each other. Not much of a relationship huh


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