Should we get back together?

Me and him would be going on 5 months now but a break up has occurred recently so our first break up lasted for like a couple days after a big fight like we sometimes do is argue but that's a couple thing u know if u really love each other u find your way back but anyways it was about me finding out he was talking to other girls saying they were cute i forgave him after the night we broke up i was threatening to cut myself and he finally told the truth after that that he misses me and that he's really really sorry so we got back together and since that day we have not fought or argued for a whole month until the day he was seeing my messages on Facebook but was not answering me and he told me i was being extremely annoying me myself didn't think so but yeah he said that and now we are broken up been like this since the 11th of this month Saturday and i changed my status and so did he on Facebook and i changed my profile pic to just a picture of me and he liked it i confronted him about it and he said he was sorry i asked if he meant to he said yes and that he was sorry for everything that he wants to get back i was almost gonna give in again but didn't he went to bed that night because it was real late then when he woke up that morning he still says he is sorry and begging me back and he says he don't know why we couldn't work it out this time what should i do or say?
by the way i am 15
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Should we get back together?
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