I think my ex is obsessed with me?

Its been about 3 years or longer since they left me for assuming I was playing games. But we still cared about eachother. We even tried getting back together but oppurtunities just ket getting blocked. But now I see they named their dog after a favorite character of mine on the show friends... "Phoebe" a name you don't name a dog. I've told them countless times to move on, I don't want a relationship etc.. But they still think I'm lying about that. They tried hurting me emotionally plenty times rubbing it in my face about a job they got & how their new mate was the best sexual partner they ever had.. I don't know what to do.. I've been patient and tired letting them down so gently they barely touch the ground but now I'm thinking of saying "Why are you still here?"
+1 y
Looking back, I remember them asking for my classes schedule paper,& we switched. I didn't care too much about theirs but I remember them walking around the hall when I couldn't find my class, & I think they where looking in my classroom for me. Another time they actually opened the door and came in, which I thought nothing of until now.
I think my ex is obsessed with me?
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