How likely is it for my ex to come back?

Hello, we built a solid, amazing friendship while in a relationship, we've travelled together, are completely at ease with each other, have loads fun and hardly argue. He broke up with me 2 days ago at his house. We are both Christians and he said it was ungodly having a sexual relationship. This has happened before but I kept sending him positive messages and we got back together. This time I suggested just being friends because I didn't want to lose a great friendship. We were best friends as well as lovers after all. Other than that issue we were so happy together, and I feel that sex shouldn't ruin a relationship. I said I'm happy to not go there.
It's been 1.5 days, and he hasn't spoken. I'm doing no contact instead of pestering him.
We ended on good terms and were polite and I was grateful for what he had done.
Chances of him coming back?
How likely is it for my ex to come back?
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