How long should I wait before moving on?

My boyfriend/best friend of 1 year broke up with me 2 days ago because he was Christian and tempted to have sex. I suggested being just friends/cutting sexual relations out because we've been best friends for so long etc but he refused. We ended it on very good terms, said we'd pray for each other, he took some gifts I got him (this was all 2 days ago)
I have a gut feeling that he's going to come back for some reason... Not fake hope, just I feel like we've broken up twice before for worse reasons and we've always reunited... And this time I left a positive image in his head. It's only been 2 days, is there still hope?


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  • Hope? Yes. A reason to wait? No. If you're meant to be it'll work itself out. Don't hold yourself back over "What if?" or just in case. Take this chance to explore more of what the world has to offer you.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Have you ever been in this kind of situation before and what happened? How long did no contact go on for?

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    • Thanks for ur quick response! :) just wondering did u or her initiate the break up, and was it on friendly or harsh terms? Sorry for being so specific!!

    • It was always her until this last one. It was always harsh until this last one.

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  • I believe if someone is meant to be in your life then they'll either never leave or somehow find their way back to you. You can't put your life on hold until he decides IF or WHEN he wants to come back. Move on with your life, if he cares about you then he'll " catch up"

    • Thanks for ur comment! Have u ever been in this situation where someone used no contact and did it work?

    • No contact doesn't work on me. If a guy uses the "no contact rule" he is actually teaching me how to live without him. Gradually my feeling fade , because over time I think about him less and less. The less contact he has with me, the less I think about him 💝

    • Thanks for the MHO

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  • He came back before so I suppose their is a chance, just don't hold your breath. Give it some time but if after a while nothing happens then move on.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! How long would you say is a good time to wait? Not wait but until I know he's moved on? This is the second day

    • Don't know how long did you two break up for before?

  • I am not sure really, depends on how strong your relationship was before

  • No hope move on immediately


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