How do I break up with my girlfriend?

Me and this girl have been dating for a while, and it has been hell! I mean when we don't fight our relationship is great, but the problem is we constantly fight at least once every week or every other week because she finds something very petty to get mad about. I go out of my way to make sure she's happy (simple stuff like brought her food at school which I don't even do for myself because I'll get suspended if caught, bought ice cream, even offered to spend $400 on a puppy for her birthday!) but she insists that I make her mad sometimes. I've literally screwed up my relationship with my mom because she can tell that this girl is no good for me but I continue to force myself to believe that I want to be with her. Even I can tell that I don't need her and need to break up with her, but I think because I've been single for a long time and she's the first girl I've actually fallen in love with, and am maybe just afraid of being single again is why I can't seem to man-up and just break up with her. At this point I just wish we had never dated in the first place because nothing good has came out of this relationship. What's worse is that summer is about to be here and I don't want to be stuck being unhappy for the next almost 3 months just because of her. Multiple people have told me to break up with and I want to, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it! So some advice on how to break up with her without me being sad about it would be VERY VERY HELPFUL! Thanks for any help!
How do I break up with my girlfriend?
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