Do guys ever want to get back with an ex they broke up with?

I was always treated his well. Everyone says he'll never get better than me, even one of his own friends. I put up with his wack behavior and accepted him for who he was, it allll. I put so much effort into the relationship and really cared for him. It sucks knowing he may never recognize what I did for him, how I kept trying even after we broke up. It hurts to think I didn't mean much to him. ( or as it seems )
Said I couldn't give him what he wants and ended things. I don't understand
Do you think he could ever regret and want me back?


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  • Sure. I did.

    • how long did it take you to realize?

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    • Move on... He needs to grow up a bit.

    • That's for sure!
      I'm just worried that if he comes back, I'll crack

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  • Don't let him get you down. You did your part as a partner. Just let karma slap him in the face. He'll have it worse someday. And U'll probably be happier with someone else.


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  • Yeah

    • what made you realize you wanted them back?

  • I never have and never will


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