Just broke up and still kind of in shock, what should I do?

Me and this girl have been dating for 3 weeks. Serious dating. We lived together pretty much. And she just broke up with me because she felt like she had not gotten time to heal from her previous relationship. They Dated for 1.5 years. We started talking when they were still together. I didn't think she had a boyfriend. She didn't act like a person that was in love. And a mutual friend told me she did, I figured they had either broken up and not told anyone, or they were already mentally checked out but hadn't officially broken up. Turns out the latter was true. They broke up, and we stated dating half a week later. Today during the break up we talked and cried for 3 + hours. She kept telling me how awesome I was, and how kind, and gentle I was and that those were qualities she had just given up on men for. And she told me how happy I made her, but when I was away, she would get sad about the previous relation ship. Not that she had broken up, she feels it was the right decision. I don't know guys... I'm still in shock. I graduate college in 2 days, my apartment lease is up in 2 months. I was going to stick around a semester for her to graduate and we were going to the med center in Houston for work. I just feel overwhelmed with everything. She was seriously looking like she was going to be the one. I've never felt so comfortable with anyone. And I've had several gf's. And I'm divorced (I'm 36). So, I have perspective. She was looking like she could've been the one. It just felt like we were perfect for each other. Should I wait? Should I move on? A university accepted me for a Med Tech program but it's the other side of Texas. I was going to decline them. Because I was dating her, and I've had the WORST experiences with long distance relationships. I know I'm just rambling and all over the place. Please have pity on a mourning soul.
She called last night, ~4 hours later. She was crying, and felt really bad. I came over, and we talked. It was so late and we were both tired; we didn't come to a conclusion except that we both really like each other. She didn't want me to drive, so I slept on her couch. We are going to talk again later today. I think we are both torn between wants and needs. We both want to be with each other. And we both know she needs time. And no one knows how long that will be, it's different for everyone.


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  • That's so sad. i feel like you should let her be free. If she cannot continue with you , it's probably because she has her ex in the back of her mind. She should of confessed since the beginning. You would of taken things slowly.
    So as harsh as it sounds, don't decline that offer from Med tech. Go and start new and let time decide. If its ment to be , she will go to you.


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  • I have a jug of milk in my fridge that's older than your relationship.

    A jug of milk. Think about that objectively.

    Now ask yourself if you really want to hang your life and career on someone you just met and barely know.


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  • I would just continue with life. I'm sure she's cool but still hung up on her last love so you will always be competing with him in her head. People derserve to never compete with old flames when it comes to new relationships. Go on with the Med Tech program and your right one will happen at the right time.

  • I agree with XicaDasilva. Take some time, go to Med Tech, and see how it plays out. If she really is right for you and she feels exactly the same way you do, she will come back when she's ready. if she doesn't come back, she wasn't right for you in the first place. I feel for you, man. On the other hand, you deserve someone who feels the exact same way about you, and unfortunately that can't be forced.


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  • I think you need to book out of there for a bit dude, perhaps travel.


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