Ex rethinking or playing mind games?

So my boyfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago. He said he had feelings for me, saw me in his future and would probably regret his decision later on. But he felt that he was not ready to be in a relationship because of family/work and general life stress. Well I did not plead for him to change his mind and excepted the break up as is.

Well the first few weeks we did not communicate at all but we did play in a soccer rec league together so we did see each other once a week. He acted just like his normal self when we were dating, talking to me and making little jokes. I was polite and talked to him and joked back because being friends with him could be possible. Well one night we were at a mutual friends party and I said something to him as a joke and left the party and got a text from him minutes later because he thought I was mad at him when in fact I was joking. He then told me that his cat missed me.

A few days later I torn my ACL in our soccer game, he was really concerned and took me to the doctors the next day because I could not drive. He also hung out at my apartment for a few hours and invited me to stay with him for the weekend because he could take care of me. I declined because I thought it was weird.

Well over the past few weeks he has been in frequent contact with me, first it was about my knee then he would just tell me random stuff about what he was doing. Last weekend we were both out for a mutual friends bday. He stuck by me the whole night and we talked just like we did while we were dating. He even laid his chin to rest of my shoulder when we were picking out music to play on the juke box. At the end of the night I was not tired and asked him if he wanted to come over (in hind sight I wish I hadn't)with no intentions of anything but just hanging out. He declined because the weather was bad and then gave me two long hugs goodbye.

I received a text that night when he got home telling me he wants a rain check on hanging out and that if we did hang out he may have wanted to do more then talk because he is still very attracted to me. But he did not want to but either of us in the position unless he was ready (ready meaning to be in a relationship). The next day I wanted to make sure that he knew my intentions were just to hang out and that if he tried anything I would have turned him down because sex is not going to make him want to be with me. He said he knew he would try something and it would make him look bad because he is not really ready for a relationship (again referring to stress in his life and how it would keep him from truly appreciating me).

Last night I watched my team play soccer and after the game he showed me a picture of his sister her is expecting a child and then told me at the end of the night that he may cash in on the rain check of hanging out soon.

So are these signs he may be thinking he made a mistake with me or is he just playing games to keep me still interested in


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  • Playing mind games.


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