I can't forget about a guy I used to date?

Like help! It's like no matter what I do j can't stop thinking about him, I still have feelings for him. We used to date for a half year but it ended abruptly due to misunderstandings a half year ago. I would say it was mostly my fault and I feel like I owe him an apology sometimes. I have been with other guys but despite that he doesn't go away. I slept with someone else and was thinking about him then woke up in someone else's arms wishing it was just him, like do you get my point? I find myself missing and thinking about all the fun stuff we did together. He has been with other girls too and flirted with me then stopped. He always greeted me then he walked past me like I didn't exist then suddenly started greeting me again. He tried getting me to dance with him recently too but I couldn't. My feelings are messed I can't just dance with him out of the blue. I don't like bringing up the past and I'm not necessarily trying to get back together with him but oh how I miss him! I feel like there is no other guy I want. I just can't let this one go even though I'm trying to.


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  • Just because Two people Break up, Doesn't mean they Can't and Don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an Ex, who still Marks a Big X in your softie spot, There may come a time, down the Love Line When... I can't stop thinking about him.
    It sounds like a case of with the His and Her History here, dear, That perhaps he may want to give you both a Shake again. He seems a bit 'Messed' himself, Maybe this is Awkward at times, and he gets Confused as To... I just can't let this one go...
    Try getting in touch with him and ask to hang out and if he might like to? Feel it out, and if things go your way, Go slow with Joe and begin Nursing and nurturing something special that may have gone wrong Before, but Now... Is opening up a brand new door.
    Good luck and Leave it in God's hands. xx


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