Being POSITIVE versus NEGATIVE around your ex?

Hello, just wondering which one is more likely to win back your ex and why? I've genuinely been happy after the breakup after crying for a few days because I prayed and asked God for help and now I've got so many blessings I would've missed out on if I was in the relationship. However I still want to reconcile with my ex. I called him before, he's been ignoring me until yesterday where we spoke for 1 minute and he said to get on with my life for now. I was genuinely happy and telling him about the opportunities and he seemed happy for me.

Should I have acted upset that I lost him? I did ask if we could stay friends :/ he said get on with my life for now. Did I blow my chances?


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  • You should act negative, I think if you started to nag him about everything that might be your best bet. The thing is that guys secretly love being nagged, especially that coupled with a negative attitude.
    I would start by asking him a bunch of questions about why you guys broke up and what girls he is talking to.
    But do what you want, because a small percentage of guys prefer to just be left alone.

  • It's over and being friends is an impossibility. For the life of me I don't understand people asking that question. It's total bullshit and will never happen. Do as he said and move on

    • Thanks for your comment , I appreciate it! Actually he was the one to suggest being friends after we broke up but I was too emotional on the day and refused. :/ but how he said 'for now' so I don't know

    • Again it doesn't matter who says it, it's still a lie.

  • One question. And I hope that by answering it you will be answering your own question. Why would you pray for God to help you get over this guy and ease your pain if you would willingly put yourself right back into what hurt you in the first place? Isn't that like burning your hand in a fire then asking the Dr to make it all well so you can go play in the same fire that burnt you expecting a different outcome?

    • Thanks for your comment, nice analogy by the way. I'm actually not sure because it was a mutual breakup, and I'm happier without being in a romantic relationship at the moment as I need to focus on growing as an individual. A relationship is just too time consuming for now. But I don't want to lose a great friend, honestly if he was in a relationship now it wouldn't bother me. So it's just for the purpose of being friends really

    • It sounds like staying friends may be as far as this relationship should be allowed to go. If you both can be ok with seeing the other person actually move on and be with a different person that would be great , but in reality that is very seldom the case

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