Did I make myself too available?

I met a guy in his mid 40s. We had mutual friends and I'd told him about one of his friends being my ex. On our 2nd date he told me he'd seen him and told him about us. I was taken back as we'd only just begun. After out 3rd date he said he wanted to be more than friends. We began dating. Over the course of about 10 wks he'd introduced me to people, met my kids and told me he loved me and that I was special to him. He suddenly goes quiet after little lack of communication. I was pulling back a little as I was worried he'd might not of really meant what he'd said. I was testing him. He then cuts me off via text saying he doesn't think it will work long term because of the every other weekend and his commitments to sports etc. I'm a little shocked at his sudden exit with no contact for over a week.
i was wondering if I'd been too available to him and given him a relationship to fast. Why cut me off and not even apologise for hurting me?
Did I make myself too available?
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