What Happens If a Person Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers?

I need to understand the divorce law in the US (if anyone knows about New York Law specifically, please tell me more about it)

I searched and found out about the "Waiting Periods" it takes from 6 months to 2years!
So what happens after that? Can the judge prove the divorce without the other person sign?


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  • You don't need to have the other person sign to have it go through. Serving the papers is basically just notifying the other person that you are taking them to court. If they refuse to sign or show up there are actions you can take to prove that you tried to/did serve the papers and that the other person did not sign/acknowledge them. Judge will still grant you a divorce if your partner never shows up.


    • Thank you very very much! The link was very helpful, exactly what I needed to know.
      Have a good day/night

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  • I believe if one doesn't want a divorce then there's a two year separation period before the divorce is final.


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