Why is Ex. boyfriend keeps calling? Guys why do you do this? Girls, you ever had this?

He broke up with me about 2 months. There was proper closure. No hard feelings. He is moving on with someone straight away. I know he still has very strong feelings towards me and very attached to me. We were very close.

Two weeks ago, He started to call me everyday. I spoke to him once. he said he misses me and her. I told him I am not his back burner and will nut be ging back to him. He said he knows. The conversation was calm, cool, friendly, at times with some teasing on my end.
I said we can be friends. But why still call me everyday?
I don't call my friends everyday.
Should I be clear with him or leave it and call him back when I want to?


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  • Just do what feels natural to you.
    If you are very clear you are done, then let him know. If it feels uncomfortable talking to him, then tell him so, I am sure he will understand.
    The most important thing is to realize that all relationships are eternal, in the sense that you will always remember what happened. It's very useful to develop a "good" perspective around your relationship, so that when you think back to it, or talk about it, you talk about the good stuff.

    You're kind of doing this already when you say that you were "very close" etc. Keep doing that. It's easy to become judgmental and feel hurt etc but all those sentiments are ultimately bad for you because you are never happy when you're feeling like that. And you should aim to be happy more of the time.

    So just relax and talk to him whenever you want, and be honest about how you feel.


    • What's natural for me lol... I m east going and can hang out with him and be fun and teasing and talk... I m easy to talk to... (I m perfect :) jk lol...
      He said he misses me, I m blunt, and has a bubbly personality.
      However, our society says, no contact with exs.., so I made it clear that I m not his back burner n not going back.

      So I don't know if I should call him back next week to talk to him or ignore him.
      I don't like to ignore people. Sigh

    • Yes, it's not natural for you to ignore people, so respond to him.

      There is no rule about no contact. Don't do anything that feels strange. For particular people in particular situations, it feels most natural to have no contact, but since you are not there, at least not now, just talk to him as you feel like it.

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  • You should block him. He broke up with you and now he wants to keep you as a backup plan. Nobody deserves to be treated like that. Just ignore him and move forward with your life.


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  • Be very clear that way he understands where you stand and your every intent. Don't give in to him. Good luck.

    • I believe I m clear when I said I m not his back burner n not going back.

      Then we chatted over an hour, but all the stuff I said were based on a friendship term. Now he still calls me daily.
      Do I need to make it even more clear or just leave it?

    • Either ignore him completely or make it even more clear. Either way you're the one in control here.

  • Be clear that he can call from time to time but that you have no interest in getting back together or hooking up whatsoever.


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