Do you break hearts or do you fix them?

I've broken so many hearts that I can't remember them all and I don't regret everything that I've done but I believe I can correct some of my past mistakes and help people smile and make America great again.


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  • Yeah, I have this problem of not knowing how not to break hearts :)
    I don't just reject or dump someone to be mean or anything lol. Which is what some of my friends think.
    I just believe it's important to be clear and straightforward (I don't like saying "maybe" or "I'll let you know", etc.), otherwise you'll have all these unwanted people waiting around.

    • nobody could break my heart because i'm selfish.

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  • help people smile and make America great again.


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  • I break them

  • You think fixing broken hearts is the key to a better America? I'd have to respectively disagree with that.

    • haha no I used that slogan because it means nothing.

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    • I'm guessing you're not American and didn't get my NASCAR joke lol

    • am half American

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