Am I right to be mad at my ex?

My ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago... I was a very good girlfriend, loyal, caring and supportive. Loved him very much.
He broke up with me via text, didn't want to talk to me because he said it was worse. Now I'm thinking about the things he did to me and I ignored when we were together.
This guy didn't contact me to know how I was, he was very cold and revealed lack of empathy.
When we dated he created a fake profile to test me, he was always accusing of stuff that I didn't do, he was always praising everybody else. He was an insecure person and he tried to make me feel secure. He is a drug addict in recovery, he has no money and lives with his mommy. I always try to help him but all of this makes me upset.
He has nothing to offer and it seems like he is a big prize because he completely ignored like I was nothing. Am I right to feel like this or do you think I'm overreacting? How would you feel?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Him breaking up with you was a blessing in disguise. You dodged a bullet. Look for someone better! :)

  • Short answer: yes, you're right to be mad at him... because you are, and it's no use pretending you're not.
    However, you shouldn't stay there. Make sure you move up the emotional ladder so to speak, and begin to focus on the good things about him, the relationship while it lasted, and him in general.

    The reason is that you will always remember this relationship, just like you'll remember so many other things in your life.

    The better perspective you have about the love that was there, the better you will feel overall.

    You know somebody who holds a grudge? They are paying a very heavy price for being right about being angry at ex'es, mothers-in-law etc etc.

    Try to think of the good things. After all, you were together, so he must have done something right at some point.

    Remember, he did everything he did the best he had where he was. One good thing he did, was to pick you... so he's not all bad :-)


What Girls Said 1

  • You're hurt and being mad is part of the process to moving on. Love shouldn't be this hard x Just remember that we can't change a person. They have to want to change for us.
    Breaking up via text is a coward's way out. Do yourself a favour and block him from contacting you in any possible way.
    You deserve better than him. You deserve to be treated the way you're treating him. Set standards for yourself and don't allow yourself to be disrespected like he has been doing. There are better guys out there who will be perfect for you.


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