Ex boyfriend initiating contact more than once?

We broke up about 3 Fridays ago. He contacted me last Friday and asked how I was I simply responded im alright and that was it. No back and fourth convo. Tonight he texted me again seeing how I am doing and we are sort of talking abck and fourth but he said If i did not want to talk he gets it. Why is he initiating the convo all this time? could he still want to be together? He broke uo with me due to the massive amounts of stress he had and was dealing with a lot. He said it wasn't me and it was the way he's been feeling etc. Said he didn't feel like we were growing closer but I find to be his fault because he closed everyone out. Anyway he also told one of our mutual freinds that he did not want to drag me down during that time. I get it but I would be there for him through it etc. I don't know what he is doing by contacting me and if he is re thinking everything or what. Guys what do you think, and can I get him back at all? We are so compatible and connect on every level and have the same interest and values etc.


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  • I feel like this is me in my relationship I kind of want her back right now just to talk. I've been hanging out with other people but keep thinking of her

    • Yeah, not sure if he wants me back or not. We takes last night and he wanted to know if I wanted to hang or talk so I agreed. It was late so I kind of knew what might happen. I went over and we wound up having sex. we talked after and he talked in past tense like "this is how I felt" why the breakup. He felt like it wouldn't progress. I didn't understand the tense. I wound up sleeping over cuddling and having sex again. He asked if it was weird now and told me to get him safe when I left this am and to text him later if I wanted. Should I text him? Maybe he wants me to initiate. I don't know if that's still how he feels or not. Anyway I don't know where to take it now. I do want him back. I also heard a different reason for him breaking up with me that he told his bff so I don't know which Is real

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  • yes he did huh? We don't realse the things we loved when they are finally gone.

    • Yeah he did. I went over to talk. We wound up having sex ughh and talked a little. Not sure how he is feeling now because when he was talking about breakup he said this is how I felt.

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