Have you ever missed a ex before? n what did you do about?

I just accept and move on even find a few would I would date.. and even tried forcing myself to like another girl I date. but I learned you can't force a connection sadly I only kid for her as a friend. the thing is my ex was the only girl I truly loved and felt a connection with. I just accepted her forced break up by her parents because she stop fighting for... even through I made every mistake they tell you not to make during a break it still suchs she didn't love me enough to get through our hard situation. I was going through many family problems at the time even almost lost my sister to cancer during the break up which all that pressure at once just break me in half. I known my ex girlfriend fot a long time before dating we always liked each other... but I always told myself it was just lust.. and it wasn't till our first kiss that I know it was more then that. 1 of the main reason I wanted to date her agin in the past was becuase I felt like her parents stole a our chance at happiness.. a chance to see if our relationship woud turn into more. now the most self reason I wanted her back was simple becuase she made me happy she add on to any happmies I had.. made even the smallest things for me seem big. Anyway I have accepted what happens between us I do sometimes miss her but in a few weeks I'll be facing one of my biggest past fears.. I'll be moving 5 houses from my ex girlfriend. sadly our house burned down last month and it's the only house in town available so gotta stuck it up. when I told a few friends this they told me maybe this is god answer my prays fot a 2rd chance with or being friends. but I know it's just a coincidence and another way for god to fuck with me


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