I don't trust her any more?

My girlfriend is working mowen. She got two kids with her husband. We r in relation before her marriage. Some time before she started ignoring me then we have no contact then I approached her again. Now our relationship went to physical. She used to send me gifts and we meet out of city. Then came the new kido. She joined office after 3 months. Here the game changed. She became distant. Forget my birthday gift on that day even did not bother after that. Got new car. Since last months she is always working late with male colleagues. I asked many times for a visit out of city. She wanted the plain with her official visit. Where she claims that she may not meet because being with colleagues. She now don't return call or massages. Once she visited me one of her colleagues was not picking her calls. She said how dear he don't take my call he may miss chances with this attitude. Then she talked to him laughing and calling her sir. I asked her for 200,000/- cash. She said she get from the colleague (she was talking too). I asked her if she got friends she said she has many friends. Then we came close. Did some soft act but for the hard one she refused and said she is done. This week she confirmed to visit out of city. But refuses at the end with the claim that her little kido needs to be taken care with. That was fine a genuine problem. Then on call she said she was tense do u office politics. As we discussed she said the her senior r saying she is in friendship with the colleague. She was angry with those words of her director. Then she told me that he and she developed got understanding at work, because they work on same project. Then I asked her do he know me. She said no but she will introduce me as her friend. When I asked her what is her relation with him. She says she is her big brother. I asked her that I don't want to continue with her. She says she will kill herself and said she was sorry.
is she worth continue or just for physical?
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Should she be ignored or kept in contact
I don't trust her any more?
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